‘Are you a hamburger too?’ Manchester United golden boy who crashed… “It was the best possible in the world”

It is entirely up to the player to give wings to his talent. Another lack of talent lost light in body care.

Anderson (34) was a midfielder that Europe noticed early on. At the age of 10 he joined FC Porto and made his way to Europe.

Sir Alex Ferguson was no different. In 2007, he was embraced by investing a transfer fee of 31.5 million euros (approximately 43.4 billion won).

In the beginning, he seemed to have a successful soft landing, playing in many games. As a member of Manchester United’s golden age, he also held the Golden Boy trophy, given to Europe’s best talent.

But he couldn’t go any higher. he fell again and again. He went on loan and returned to his native Brazil. He did not succeed in reviving in Brazil either. He was invincible. He headed to Türkiye, but eventually took off his football boots in 2019.

What kept Anderson from flying higher was his lack of self-management. Brothers Rafael da Silva and Fabio da Silva, who ate together at Manchester United, recalled their memories with Anderson through their autobiography.메이저사이트

According to the British media ‘Sports Bible’, the brothers said, “Andersson used to shout impulsively when he saw McDonald’s while traveling on the club bus.”

The brothers explained the reason for the sluggishness, saying, “If I gave the ball to Anderson, he played freely. If he continued to play, he would be a player who could do better than anyone else. However, amidst frequent injuries, his eating habits got in the way.”

He added, “It’s not a coincidence when you think that Anderson was at his best when he didn’t eat much.”

The brothers expressed regret, saying, “If Anderson had been a professional player, he would have been the best in the world. I don’t know if he ever took anything seriously. Anderson loved an easy and comfortable life.”

According to the media, Michael Owen also expressed his regret about Anderson through past interviews.

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