Another ‘soonsal apartment’… Namyangju LH apartment parking lot, check for missing rebar

While construction sites with missing reinforcing bars, such as the Incheon Geomdan parking lot, were recently discovered, it was confirmed that the reinforcing bars in the pillars of the underground parking lot were missing in a public pre-sale apartment in Namyangju안전놀이터, Gyeonggi Province, where they moved in in April last year.Korea Land and Housing Corporation ( 

LH ) inspected an apartment constructed with a non-reinforced plate structure after the collapse of the underground parking lot of an apartment in Geomdan New Town, Incheon on the 29th. It was confirmed that it was missing, and an emergency reinforcement work was started.The non-reinforced plate structure is a structure in which pillars directly support slabs without beams or walls supporting the ceiling, and sufficient reinforcing bars serving as ‘framework’ must be inserted so that the pillars can withstand the load. At the time of the collapse of the underground parking lot of Geomdan Apartment in Incheon in April, missing reinforcing bars were pointed out as the direct cause of the collapse.

LH inspected 16 pillars of the apartment’s underground parking lot and found that reinforcing bars were missing from 15 pillars.The apartment is a newlyweds’ hope town complex that has been in its second year since moving in in April of last year, and currently has a total of 380 households, including 128 happy houses and 252 public housing units.In the future , 

LH plans to conduct a detailed safety diagnosis after consulting with the tenants, while deciding whether to completely reconstruct the underground parking lot. LHplaced the order for the apartment where the problem was confirmed, and the construction was carried out by SM .Samwhan Enterprises was in charge. 

SM Samwhan Enterprise is a construction company that ranked 86th in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s construction capability evaluation last year. It uses ‘Gyeongnam Honorsville’ and ‘Samhwan Nowville’ as housing brands, and ‘Art Nouveau City’ for officetels.

LH and 

SM Samwhan Enterprises put forward a position that each other was responsible for the poor construction. In the case of 

LH, they claimed, “The design drawings provided by 

LH to the contractor showed all the reinforcing bars for shear reinforcement, so there were no abnormalities.”On the other hand, 

SM Samwhan Enterprises is protesting, saying, “It was constructed according to the design drawings approved by 

LH , the client.”

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