Another 7 innings… Substitute card success, ‘0G exit’ Romero can’t think of

Pitched 7 innings in 2 consecutive games. quick to adapt SSG Landers’ replacement card is having success.

SSG’s new foreign pitcher, Roennis Elias, pitched 7 innings in 2 consecutive games. Elias, who started against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju on the 6th, recorded 5 hits (1 home run), 6 strikeouts, 2 walks and 1 run in 7 innings and won the starting game.토토사이트

In the three games since his KBO League debut, he has been getting more and more content. Elias, who made his debut against the LG Twins on May 24, became a winning pitcher, but he had not yet adapted to it and had 5 hits (1 home run), 2 strikeouts, 4 walks and 3 runs in 5 innings. And in his second appearance, against the Samsung Lions on May 31, he pitched 7 innings for the first time, but allowed 2 home runs and became a losing pitcher with 3 runs.

Elias, who had his third appearance against KIA again, blocked 7 innings with only 1 run. Except for a solo home run allowed by Park Chan-ho in the 4th inning, there were no runs, and the batters brought the lead within 2 runs in the 1st inning. SSG kept a 1-point lead until the end of the day and won 2-1, and Elias took his 2nd win of the season.

Elias is a pitcher SSG recruited when they kicked out Eni Romero. Everything was not easy. Romero’s shoulder pain caused at the end of spring camp made normal pitching impossible, and SSG started looking for a replacement player early on, but it was not easy. There was a player who showed interest from the club, but there was also a case where the player himself did not want to go to Korea. The search for lane after lane continued.

After many twists and turns, I found Elias. Last year’s winning team, SSG, wanted a foreign pitcher who would definitely take on the ‘one-two punch’ this year as well. In a situation where starting resources are already abundant, it is difficult for ordinary pitchers to exert their power. Because the competition within the team is not easy. As a result, there is a point that the time until the final contract is delayed.

However, Elias is showing good pitching content sooner than expected. It is regrettable that a home run was allowed in every game, but he is showing his talent more and more. Even though he is not a power pitcher who throws super fastballs, he was evaluated as good at speed and pitch, especially breaking ball control, at a level that can be used in the KBO league. He sees his effect by properly mixing various weapons such as sliders and cutters. It can be seen that he is still in an adjustment period, but he is strong enough that opponent batters are not able to attack easily.

If Elias throws just like this, the calculation changes. SSG is currently competing for the lead with LG and Lotte. It is a tense competition in which the number of rankings can change depending on the win or loss of each match. In particular, with Kim Gwang-hyun out of the rotation and young pitchers having ups and downs, if Elias quickly adapts like now, there is hope that it will be possible to maintain the rankings even during the hot season that coach Kim Won-hyung chose as the winning point.

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