A woman in her 60s, a victim of the Bundang weapon riot, died

One of the victims of the Bundang vehicle rush and weapon riot that occurred on the 3rd died on the 6th, the 4th day of the incident.

According to the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency’s안전놀이터 weapon riot investigation team, a woman in her 60s who was in a state of brain death after being hit by a car driven by a suspect Choi (22) at the time of the incident died at around 2 am on the same day.

At that time, Mr. Choi drove her car right before going on a rampage with her weapon and drove her car into the sidewalk, crashing into her back. Mrs. A was out of the house to eat out with her husband and she was assaulted.

With the death of her Mr. A, the police changed her charge against Mr. Choi from ‘attempted murder’ to ‘murder, etc.’. As Mr. A died, the victims of this incident went from ’14 injured’ to ‘1 dead and 13 injured’.

Choi was arrested the day before on charges of attempted murder. The police will continue to investigate her crime against Mr. Choi, while also reviewing whether to disclose her personal information about Mr. Choi. Choi is accused of violently wielding her weapon at citizens on the 1st and 2nd floors of the AK

Plaza department store in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do at 5:59 pm on the 3rd . As a result, nine people were injured, eight of them seriously. Five people were hit by Choi’s vehicle, which had rushed to the sidewalk prior to the shooting rampage, killing one and injuring four others. 3 out of 4 are seriously injured.

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