A professor who called a student a ‘court lady’ and “grew up with a kiss”… She filed a complaint claiming that her dismissal was unfair.

A university professor who was dismissed for sending sexually harassing text messages to a foreign student also lost the appeal in a lawsuit filed claiming that the dismissal was invalid.

On the 13th, Daegu High Court Civil Division 3안전놀이터 (Chief Judge Son Byeong-won) dismissed Mr. A’s claim in the lawsuit filed by Mr. A, a former professor at a Daegu university, against the university to confirm the invalidity of his dismissal.

After serving as a thesis examiner in 2021, Mr. A sent several sexually harassing text messages to Mr. B, an international student who submitted a doctoral thesis.

He called himself the emperor and Ms. B as her court lady and sent text messages such as “Listen to Su Qing” and “Get a kiss and sleep.”

Afterwards, when Mr. B avoided him, he sent a message implying that he would be rejected from the thesis examination.

Mr. B, who could not bear it, reported Mr. A to the school, and after investigating the facts, the university held a disciplinary committee and in October of the same year, Mr. A was stripped of his qualifications as a thesis examiner and dismissed from his professorship.

Accordingly, Mr. A filed a lawsuit and appealed when the first trial ruled that sexual harassment was acknowledged and the dismissal was legal.

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