A police detective who had an inappropriate meeting with a sex crime victim

After a complaint was received that a police investigator 안전놀이터met a sex crime victim in private and spoke inappropriately, the police began to find out the truth.According to Yonhap News on the 11th, the Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency received an ‘investigation inspection and deliberation complaint’ for Inspector A belonging to the Gunsan Police Station the previous morning.According to this petition and transcript, Inspector A had dinner with B, a victim of sexual assault, at a restaurant near Eunpa Lake Park in Gunsan City in May.At this meeting, Inspector A said, “As men get older, their self-confidence declines even if they retain their desires.”He continued with a meaningful remark, saying, “70% of men dream of an affair, and 30% cheat.”During the conversation, Inspector A also seemed to try to settle his remarks with statements such as “If I confront her, will she accept me?”Inspector A is a married man in his 50s, and Mr. B is a woman in her early 20s.On July 24 of last year, Mr. B ran out of the 8th Fighter Wing accommodation of the US Air Force and informed the surroundings that he was sexually assaulted by a US soldier.The police charged the soldier in question for quasi-rape and investigated, but they refused to send the case, saying that it was difficult to say that Mr. B was in a state of loss of mind or inability to resist at the time of the incident.Mr. B claimed through his lawyer, “As a victim of sexual violence who suffered rape, I was very offended by the remarks of an investigator whose motives were unknown.”In response, Inspector A confronted Mr. B’s claim, saying, “The woman asked me to buy dinner first.”In a phone call with Yonhap News Agency, Inspector A said, “Mr. B, who had completed the investigation, said he had come by taxi and asked to take him to the terminal. ”he said.He added, “I have only two daughters, and they are the same age as the victim.The police said that since the complaint against the investigator has been received, they will decide on a disposition for the person involved after confirming the truth.

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