“75 crocodiles escaped due to heavy rain… Don’t leave your house” China’s Guangdong Province is turned upside down

As heavy rain fell due to Typhoon Haikui in southern China, about 70 crocodiles raised on a farm escaped.

On the 12th (local time), the Associated Press, citing local media, reported that about 70 crocodiles escaped from a farm in southern China’s Guangdong Province due to heavy rain for seven days until the previous day due to Typhoon Haikui. In response, Maoming City, western Guangdong Province, announced that about 70 crocodiles had escaped from a farm and advised residents to stay at home.

It was found that a total of 75 alligators, including cubs, escaped from안전놀이터 the farm. It is reported that some were caught, but others could not be caught because they hid in the deep lake.

Heavy rain damage caused by the typhoon continued to occur in other nearby areas. During the same period, heavy rain continued in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, leaving at least seven people dead and three missing. In particular, in Yulin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, landslides occurred in several places due to heavy rain on the 9th and 10th, causing casualties.

Meanwhile, due to the influence of Typhoon Haikui, heavy rain exceeding 158 mm per hour fell in Hong Kong and southern China overnight on the 7th. The Hong Kong Observatory announced that 158.1 mm of rain fell in an hour from 11 p.m. on this day. This is the highest rainfall in 139 years since observations began in 1884. Bloomberg estimated that the damage to Hong Kong from this rain will reach $100 million (132.65 billion won).

Shenzhen, China, bordering Hong Kong, also experienced the heaviest rain in 71 years since 1952. Videos and photos of several cars parked on the road submerged in water were also posted on Chinese social networking services ( SNS ).

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