KIA Tigers Park Chan-ho (27) dreams of becoming the best shortstop. 

The 2022 season was significant. He appeared in 130 games and had 566 plate appearances, the most since his debut. He had a batting average of 2.7 2.134 hits, 4 homers, 45 RBI, 81 runs scored, 42 stolen bases, slugging percentage .. 3.4 1.0 on-base percentage, .685 OPS. Except for his RBI, he recorded his career best in all categories. He rose to the second king of stolen bases.

He even showed off his leadoff ability, hitting 2.8 and 5 Lee in 340 at-bats. He’s not a bad hit. The absurd swing was also gone. He plays a tenacious game with the opponent’s battery at bat. He has improved his contact ability and even his powerful hitting. He has definitely improved his senior team. He also picked up the most walks (57) and had the fewest strikeouts (67). 

Park Chan-ho played his three seasons as the starting shortstop. His defense is known in the league. Now, he is less likely to make absurd mistakes while defending, which used to be cool. He even shows catches and throws that give a much more sense of stability while frequently playing hobi. Now he is starting to be recognized as a hitting shortstop. In particular, he proudly rose to the top spot among beasts this year. He is ahead of Na Seong-beom, who had the best batting record. 

Progress is also seen in the Golden Glove voting. He was nominated for shortstop for the 2020 season, but did not receive a single vote. As for the 2021 season, he had 7 nominations and he received just 2 votes. The 2022 season entered third place with 12 votes out of six candidates. Compared to Oh Ji-hwan (246 votes) of LG, who received the Golden Glove, it is a long way off, but entering the rankings is also a harvest.  스포츠토토

Oh Ji-hwan kissed the golden glove for the first time in 14 years since joining in 2009. Oh Ji-hwan recorded a batting average of 2.69, 133 hits, 25 homers, 87 RBIs, 75 points and 20 stolen bases in 142 games. After a lot of hard work, he was recognized as the best offensive shortstop in the league. Park Chan-ho, who is showing steady growth, is now worthy of a challenge. 

However, Park Chan-ho needs a 30% batting average to win the Golden Glove. Like Oh Ji-hwan, it is difficult to increase slugging power, so it has to be offset by batting average. Kim Hye-seong, who received the 2021 season shortstop Golden Glove, is a good model. He batted 3.4 with 66 RBI, 99 runs scored, and 46 stolen bases, earning him the Golden Glove. Park Chan-ho will turn 28 next year. The Golden Glove won by the best shortstop is absolutely not a dream.