The NC Dinos recruited a new foreign pitcher, Eric Peddy (29).

On the 20th, NC confirmed the recruitment of Eric Peddy as a new foreign pitcher. The terms of the contract are $200,000 down payment and $800,000 annual salary for a total of $1 million.”

Peddie is a right-handed pitcher who was a promising prospect in the major leagues. He was a first round (18th pick) pick by Washington in the 2014 draft. He made his major league debut in 2017 and has recorded 21 wins, 33 losses, and an earned run average of 5.41 in 102 career games (454⅓ innings) so far this year. He steadily received opportunities as a starting pitcher, and this year, he had a rather sluggish performance with 6 wins and 13 losses in 27 games (127 innings) with an earned run average of 5.81. After the season, he was released as a non-tender and obtained FA status.

Lim Seon-nam, general manager of NC, said, “Peddy is a pitcher who throws various breaking balls such as cutter, curve, and changeup along with a powerful two-seam fastball, and has excellent groundball induction skills. As a full-time starting pitcher in the major leagues, he also has the ability to run a stable game. I expect that he will play an active role as a key member of the team’s starting lineup,” he said, looking forward to Peddy’s performance.

According to Baseball Savant, an official major league statistics site, Peddy used two-seam (40.1%), curve (28.7%), cutter (27.6%), and changeup (3.6%) this year. His two-seam average velocity was 92.5 miles per hour (148.9 km/h). 스포츠토토

Peddie is a pitcher with a variety of pitches and stable game management skills. He averaged a respectable 3.78 walks per nine innings for his major league career. However, he was not competitive against major league sluggers, as his velocity remained below the league average. However, in the KBO league, it is a restraint that can compete with batters enough.

The perfection of his main weapon curve and cutter is also high. The curve is a course low in the strike zone, and the cutter is well positioned outside the right-handed hitter and toward the body of the left-handed hitter. The curve is a pitch that induces swing misses, and the swing miss rate reached 38.4% last year.

NC is likely to break up with Drew Luchinski, who has been active as an ace for four years. Attention is focusing on whether Pedi, who came to Korea after playing as a full-time major league starting pitcher until the previous season, will be able to fill the vacancy left by Luchinski.