’14-year-old national team’ Ahn Seong-hyun “I will turn pro this year”

Ahn Seong-hyeon (14, 2nd year of Bibong Middle School), a Korean men’s golfer who is ‘incomplete’, announced his intention to turn professional.

Ahn Seong-hyun, who is currently an amateur national representative, mentioned a plan to challenge the Asian Tour Qualifying Tournament to be held in November this year. The Asian Tour has no age limit, but the KPGA Korean Tour has an age limit of 17 years of age or older.

Ahn Seong-hyun, who is participating in the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour Golf Zone Open held at Ora CC in Jeju-si on the 20th at the invitation of a sponsor, said, “If I debut as a pro, I plan to gain experience on the Asian Tour for the time being.”

Ahn Seong-hyun, born in May 2009, first caught his golf club in his first year of elementary school. Last year, when he was a freshman in middle school, he participated in three KPGA Korean Tour events by invitation. Among them, his first appearance was at the 17th DB Insurance Pro non-open. At the time, his age was 12 years, 11 months and 16 days, a new record in this category.

The Biz Play Electronic Newspaper Open was the only one that passed the cut in the three competitions he participated in last year. At the time, his age was 13 years, 3 months and 19 days, which is also a new record for the youngest ever to pass the cut in the history of the KPGA Korean Tour.

The previous record was 14 years and 24 days, set by Sung-hoon Kang (36) at the 2001 Meteor Open. At that time, Ahn Seong-hyun received a not bad report card of a tie for 28th place.

Ahn Seong-hyun also participated in the opening game of the DB Insurance Promy Open last week this year, but unfortunately failed to advance to the finals as she was one stroke short after hitting 1-over-par two days in a row.

However, this tournament, his second appearance this season, has increased his chances of passing the cut. He cut his bogey to one and thinned out three birdies on the first day of the tournament to shoot a 2-under-par 70. While Ofujo was in the middle of the game, he was in the ‘Top 20’.

After the round, Ahn Seong-hyun said, “In general, I had a satisfactory match. What was a little disappointing was the putt. He had a hard time because he had no sense of distance.” As an amateur national representative, he has a lot of round experience on this course, but he was confused by the green speed because of the difference from the professional course setting.

Ahn Seong-hyun, who is 179cm tall and weighs 90kg and has a 260m driver shot, is her strength.

He said, “I will do my best to pass the cut tomorrow,” and “if I pass the cut, I will try to win the ‘Top 10’ prize.”토토사이트

There are two players that Ahn Seong-hyun considers as a role model. First, the domestic player is Seo Yo-seop (27, DB Insurance) who has an exciting swing. Unusually, the player I want to emulate among foreign players is Max Homa (USA).

He said, “I like Homa’s lean swing and fast swing tempo. Maybe it’s because I have a strong desire to change my rather slow game style,” he laughed.

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