12.4 billion contract, paving the way for LG legend… Can Oh Ji-hwan surpass Park Yong-taek?

 One of the most brilliant names in the long history of LG, which began with MBC, is Park Yong-taek (44). After graduating from Korea University, Park Yong-taek, who appeared in the first team for the first time in 2002, was greatly loved by fans as he steadfastly defended LG’s lineup, rain or shine.

From his debut in 2002 to the de facto final season in 2020, Park Yong-taek is a one-club man who has been with LG for a total of 19 seasons. His career has also been splendid. Right now, Park Yong-taek is the main character with the most hits (2504) in the history of the KBO League, and of course, it is also the most by an LG player. 2237 games, 9138 at-bats, 1259 runs scored, and 1192 RBIs are all also ranked highest in the LG franchise. For the time being, the gap with the 2nd place is so big that no player will break it.

If so, is there a player who can surpass Park Yong-taek’s ‘steadiness’ and his career as a ‘one-club man’? It is too early to give a definite answer, but LG splendidly revealed the possibility with a single contract on the 19th. On the 19th, LG officially announced that it had signed a contract with Oh Ji-hwan (33), the team’s main shortstop and the core of the fielder, for a total of 12.4 billion won (10 billion won in guarantee and 2.4 billion won in incentives) over 6 years. Oh Ji-hwan’s potential as a ‘Long Life LG Man’ was opened.

Oh Ji-hwan, who graduated from Gyeonggi High School, received the first nomination from LG in the 2009 draft and debuted in the first team in 2009. 슬롯사이트 He received high expectations as a shortstop who will lead LG’s future. His transition to the middle wasn’t always smooth, but in the end he lived up to his reputation at the time of joining. The pain at the time of his first free agent (FA) qualification event was neatly shaken off with this six-year contract.

Park Yong-taek wore a LG uniform and played a total of 19 seasons (excluding retirement matches). Oh Ji-hwan played a total of 14 seasons until last year. If Oh Ji-hwan completes his six-year contract, he will play a total of 20 seasons. This is highly likely to be recorded as the longest service in LG franchise history. This is because no current LG player has worn the LG uniform longer than Oh Ji-hwan.

Oh Ji-hwan played a total of 1624 games in LG alone. Considering that he conservatively plays 100 games a year, he could exceed Park Yong-taek’s number of appearances by the time his six-year contract ends. Looking back at the pace he now has and his relatively healthy career, the possibility of exceeding this even more cannot be ruled out. There is also a possibility of breaking the at-bat record. Oh Ji-hwan digested 569 at-bats last year, and if he consistently gets 450 at-bats per year, he will also come close to Park Yong-taek’s record.

Park Yong-taek was in a position where he could focus on offense relatively, and Oh Ji-hwan was a shortstop with a heavy defensive burden. It is not easy to compare with the same standard in terms of offensive performance, but if you continue the current scoring and RBI pace, you can also challenge Park Yong-taek’s Twins record. Park Yong-taek hit the most homers in LG history, but Oh Ji-hwan had 146 home runs, a gap of 64. Considering the time of 6 years, he can also challenge this division.

It is reasonable to expect that grades will gradually decline as you get older. However, when combined, it is calculated that if Oh Ji-hwan signs a six-year contract in good health, Park Yong-taek’s history of the LG franchise can be significantly changed. This player, who was greatly loved by fans but sometimes criticized for his defense and attack, is now going to run again to change LG’s history.

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