1,000 people evacuated after a package suspected of poisoning was found at the Seoul Central Post Office in Myeong-dong

Recently, international mail with an unknown recipient was delivered to a welfare facility for the disabled in Ulsan, and three facility officials who opened it suffered breathing difficulties and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

▶ So far, suspicious packages have been found at Seocho Post Office안전놀이터, Songpa Post Office, and Seoul Central Post Office in Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, and related authorities such as the police, fire department, and military have been dispatched.

In the case of the Seoul Central Post Office in Myeong-dong, the police received a report that a suspicious package had been received at around 4:06 pm on the same day, and the building was completely controlled, and about 1,000 people were evacuated outside. The contents are being checked by authorities.

Around the Seoul Central Post Office in the middle of Myeong-dong, Myeong-dong Station on Line 4 and connected Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Center, Shinsegae Department Store Main Store, Lotte Department Store Main Store, and the Chinese Embassy in Korea are located, so the floating population tends to be concentrated.

▶The characteristics of the parcels found so far are that most of them were sent from Taiwan and packed in yellow or black envelopes.

In addition to Taiwan, it is reported that some sources are indicated as Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Malaysia. In addition, the phrase ‘CHUNGHWA POST , POBox 100561-003777, Taipei Taiwan’ is written

in common .

These parcels are also believed to be involved in a ‘brushing scam’.

Brushing scam refers to the act of sending an unordered product to anyone through personal information obtained illegally by an online shopping mall seller to manipulate sales performance and ratings.

▶ Relevant authorities requested that those who received such mail do not open the mail and report it immediately to 112 or 119.

The Postal Service Headquarters of the Ministry of Science and ICT, a postal authority, asked, “If mail sent from abroad is double-wrapped in vinyl or not ordered by you or your family, you should be suspicious and be careful in handling it.”

Several local governments that took preemptive measures following the discovery of such parcels or the discovery of neighboring local governments also sent emergency text messages classified as “terrorism” to residents on the same day to disseminate response methods such as reporting.

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